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Piccolo Lewis is the owner and innovative leader behind the success of the One Dollar Bookstore. After being in the book business for many years, he decided to merge his love of books with his passion of supporting communities and promoting literacy. He started the concept and opened his first store in Long Beach in 2006, selling quality, pre-owned books, videos/DVDs and even LP records. And, since then, has been often imitated, but never duplicated in style or price. His principle is simple: to get the books to the public for only one dollar each; so reasonable that even a child can buy a book, any book, with just the change that they have saved in their piggy banks. After opening his second store, word spread and popularity increased. And, so the story goes...customers from far and wide wished that they had a One Dollar Bookstore in their own community! After many tries here and there, (and some unfortunate short term leases), he currently owns and operates 1 One Dollar Bookstore and 2 Piccolo's Bookstores in So. California with more store openings in the near future.

Piccolo Lewis is so dedicated to promoting literacy, and to getting the books to the public, that he has donated over 100,000 books, in just 2012 alone, to the schools and the children who need them. He has even started a fundraising division, Gift of Knowledge, where schools and organizations can host Book Sales to earn extra funds necessary to help alleviate the extreme budget cuts that they have been experiencing. For more information on hosting your own Gift of Knowledge Book Sale, please check out our website. Thank you for visiting the One Dollar Bookstore website.

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